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Get Hired Plan for Graduates

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Who is it for?

University/College Graduates who are clear about the type of work they want but have yet to be offered employment in it. The Plan won't guarantee you'll be hired, but it will increase your chances by being better prepared than your competition.


What do you get?

Applying my experience operating as a Recruiter for six years, and many years offering seminars and presentations to Universities, Professional and Career Counselling Associations across Canada, the UK and Ireland, you will receive:


A Resume

That will stand out in a favourable way with other employment seekers. Most of the graduate resumes I have seen over the years are of low quality and would not impress employers. This is a key reason why so many graduates are unemployed, and underemployed.


Guidelines on Cover Letters

An effective Resume must be accompanied by a Cover Letter that compliments it and clearly conveys to the employer why they should seriously consider hiring the applicant. That's a standard very few Cover Letters would meet.


Guidelines for Interviewing

Many graduates fail to capitalize on this key opportunity to impress employers by failing to be properly prepared for it.


LinkedIn Account Review

Employers today will often check out an applicant's LinkedIn Account as part of the screening process. Also, employers and recruiters see LinkedIn as a source for finding potential new hires.


Find Hidden Work Opportunities.

Most employment opportunities are not advertised. Finding them and approaching employers in an effective way are required skills to succeed in today's workplace.


COST: $400 Canadian.

If you are interested in this plan, send your resume, in PDF format, along with a brief description of the type of work you're looking for to: I will respond to you within several working days.




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